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Finally, A Solution To the Global Opiate Epidemic:
BREAKTHROUGH: This natural technology allows even the most hardcore opiate addict to free themselves from opiates… in as little as 15 days… reducing nearly deadly withdrawal symptoms to mere discomfort.
In this video you will learn the following:
  •  Richie's background of 20 years of working with addicts. 
  •  The Asian golden triangle and its opium problems got solved with a series of specific herbs to remedy the opium addiction. 
  •  Richie developed an equal or in some way better remedy to address all short acting opioid addictions, depression and anxiety. 
  •  This remedy can take any heavy user down to 10-20% of their normal usage in under 2 weeks naturally and easily. 
  •  If the person wish to completely stop their usage they can do so with a 60-90% reduction in withdrawal symptoms. 
  •  This remedy will change the landscape of the opioid epidemic in the western world as we know it.
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After this first batch, all other others will be on pre-order, and will be able to be fulfilled in about 4-5 weeks from the time you place your order.  

We are working as hard as we can to get fully stocked up, and investing all funds from pre-orders into stocking up. Your support is helping get this miracle out to the world, thank you.

In order to ensure you receive your order as soon as possible, please place your order as soon as possible. Updates on stock will be posted on this web-site routinely.
 Every Purchase Supports A Family
In Desperate Need For Two Weeks:
Addiction Tears Families Apart, Help Us Keep Them Together
When you purchase the Freedom Formula today, we work together through the B1G1 organization to provide a family in desperate need the means to live for 2 weeks.

In Cambodia, parents often feel forced to place their children in orphanages due to poverty and lack of access to education. 

All children have the right to grow up in a safe and nurturing family environment. This Life Cambodia works to preserve and support these vulnerable families through self-determining income generation activities, scholarships for children and emergency medical/basic need allowances.

Addiction tears families apart, with your purchase, help us make a difference and keep some of them together.
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Iron Clad 60-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee
We so firmly believe in and stand behind our product and service that your order comes with a 60 day, results or 100% investment returned guarantee! Here's our guarantee:

Your purchase comes with a 60-day results or 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee. When our product arrives at your door, you have a full 60 days (2 months) to try the product and see if it lives up to our claims which you've seen and heard in the video above.

If after following the protocol on the bottle, you find that you're not satisfied with the results, simply contact us and we'll happily return your investment, no questions asked.
See What Others Are Saying:
“For an addict to wake up in the morning and not immediately think about using is nothing short of a miracle.“ 
Anyone that's addicted to opiates understands the feelings of hopelessness or feeling like there's no way out. But using your formula has finally changed that for me. For me, I started using opiates about five to six years ago. It started out with a medical diagnosis that led me to using Percocets. From there, my tolerance continued to rise and I found myself buying them illegally.

And from there, it continued until someone introduced me to heroin, and things got bad really, really quickly for me. I tried cutting down on my own. I tried stopping on my own, but it never happened. The withdrawals were just too strong. I would get sick, I was trying to work, and I just wasn't getting anywhere with it.

This went on for quite some time, and finally I was tired of being tired. And I decided that it was time to put an end to this and it was time to change, and I started on my road to recovery. I knew that before I went into treatment, it was really, really important for me to taper down. That's when I was introduced to you and I first heard about your formula.

I received the powder very quickly in the mail and I waited about a day or two before taking it. I think that was just because I was nervous or I didn't know if it would work or not. And finally, I gave it a try. I'd say it took a couple of days until I noticed a difference. What I first noticed was sleeping. I was actually able to have a good night's sleep. 

And after a few days, I was actually able to taper down once I was brave enough to try it, and I noticed that I wasn't getting sick when I tapered down. I wasn't feeling anxious and I wasn't feeling nauseous, and I wasn't feeling frustrated or thinking that I couldn't do it. And so, I continued to taper down. 

What really amazed me was after a week of using your formula I was waking up in the morning and not immediately thinking about using. And that, for me, was really where I felt like it was a miracle. For an addict to wake up in the morning and not immediately think about using is nothing short of a miracle. 

And now, I feel excited for the first time. I feel positive. I feel like I can do this. I feel like I finally have a chance at putting addiction behind me. I'm a couple of weeks into using the formula now, and I feel confident that as long as I keep using it, I can get my use down to a minimal where I will feel comfortable going into treatment and finally putting this addiction behind me.

Really, at this point, my only regret is that I didn't start using this formula sooner. I'm just really looking forward to a future with hope, and that's something I haven't felt in a long time.

- Diana
“I have never seen a remedy that is as effective and painless as this is.“ 
I've been using it for four or five months now. I was on a low dose of Oxycontin extended release 40mg a day, and Oxycodone instant release 50mg a day for sciatica and also for a broken leg at the same time. 

I wanted to keep my dose low and I personally don't like opiates myself, so I wanted to stay on the lowest effective dose to control my pain and not have to gradually increase my dose as my body gained a tolerance to the opiates.

However, I did have to recently increase due to a very painful infection in my face. I shot up to probably 140mg of Oxycontin extended release and at least 60mg or more of Oxycodone instant release every day. And that's what I had to do just to be able to sleep. Well, I actually have noticed that I've been able to take the herbal formula and reduce my dose as I'm having less pain from the infection in my face that's actually getting better.

And it's been really pretty easy. There's no side-effects. There's no withdrawal symptoms. There's nothing like that. I'm able to reduce by about 20% every few days without any discomfort and I'm getting back down to my low dose of 40mg and 15mg again without really much work on my side besides just drinking the herbal formula.

It’s just a powder and you put it in a little bit of water, or juice, or whatever you like, and it actually tastes good. It tastes like spices and it's actually not bad at all, which is really nice. I am very familiar with MP agents, plant medicines. I'm also quite familiar with going through withdrawals and detoxing off of opiate substances and I can tell you that this herbal formula is shockingly effective, shockingly.

I have never seen a remedy that is as effective and painless as this is. I noticed that one night, I forgot to take my extra dose of medication, of the opiate medication. And although I sweated a lot that night, I did not have any other withdrawal symptoms, no runny eyes, no sniffles, no nausea, nothing like that. And you know, I took my dose in the morning. I was fine. I also took some of the herbal formula, I was fine.

- George
“It worked well for me and I have nothing but good to say about it. “ 
I had been taking approximately 50mg of fast-acting opiates, every single day for six months or so. My tolerance was up there pretty good, and if I didn't take my scheduled doses, I would definitely be feeling withdrawal symptoms, miserable. So I had been working real hard trying to get rid of my pain issues, going to physical therapy, and I felt like I was at a point where I could stop taking opiates and not have severe pain like I had when I started taking them.

I found out about ibogaine and I scheduled this ibogaine treatment. My provider told me about the herbal formula, suggested that I go ahead and start taking it the two weeks prior to my ibogaine treatment. So I started taking 10g a day of the herbal formula.

I was able to reduce my opiate intake to 10mg a day, leading up to my ibogaine treatment and that went really well. It helped me rest. It helped me sleep really good. It helped cleanse my body. had no withdrawal symptoms. I would take 10mg a day and I was fine,it was amazing.

So now, I've been opiate free completely for about five weeks, exactly five weeks. Today is Friday. And I think it was a really good experience. I would highly recommend this to anyone that is on opiates, even if you're not planning to get off of it, it's going to reduce your body's need or desire for the opiate, and it happens very gradually. It's not a major change. It just happened, for me, gradually. And I noticed it after a few days that I didn't need as much.

So I think it's an amazing product. It worked well for me and I have nothing but good to say about it. 

Thank you
- Nancy
“I think this stuff is amazing. I'd recommend it to anybody.“ 
I had been taking about 40mg of Hydrocodone a day. I tried tapering on my own with little success, and I found myself taking more every so often just because I had a hard time with my addiction. 

I received your herbal formula. At first, the first few days, I didn't notice much of a difference. But by the third day, I noticed myself a little more calmer and just feeling more leveled out. As I've tapered, I'm now down to 15mg from 40mg in about a month and a half, two month time span. I'm going a little slower than most would go, but it's really helped with sleep. 

There's been times I've noticed that I've missed a dose by two hours and I don't even notice any symptoms. Whereas in the past, prior to using the herbal formula, I would count the hours down to my next dosage. I plan to be off in about a month to two months tops, completely off of opiates. I'll continue to use your product because I think it's a fantastic, and it really seems to get rid of the sweating and just general side effects. 

I imagine it's good for tapering. If you go too fast, I don't know if it would be strong enough, but I swear by it. I've tried many other products. I've tried CalmSupport, I've tried medrol, I've tried just doing general other things as well. A big, huge thing also I think is diet as well, and a general commitment to your taper plan.

If anybody wants to just rely on this product as your only fix, it's probably not going to work. But if you're committed to coming off, it definitely helps ease my symptoms. I noticed when I don't take the herbal formula not in an addictive way, but I noticed my symptoms are definitely a little more unmanageable until I get it back in my system.

So it's really honestly the best thing I've found. I don't think I'd be where I'm at right now about it. I might still be stuck at a higher dose, so it's allowed me to go from 40mg to 15mg, which is pretty big for me. So, hats off to Richie and his product.

 --- Update ---

Hi. I'm just here to update my status from using your formula. 

I used it to taper down from 40mg daily plus additional abuse of Hydrocodone. I was able to taper down using the formula quite easily. The hardest part was the anxiety of knowing I was going to jump. I chose Christmas break since I'm a teacher and I had eight days off, so I took my last pill the day before break started, and started doing the formula.

So I doubled up, went to the 20g recipe that Richie suggested, and I really noticed that I was really tired the first day. But going on day by day, I really didn't notice much in the way of symptoms. I had spent the last month of my life prior to that worrying about this day. I had circled Christmas break since Thanksgiving. That was my jump off day, and I kept worrying and worrying, you know, about how bad withdrawals can be. 

Because all of the stuff you read on the internet, you know, is a lot of fear stuff. And I don't think I'd be where I was at without the formula either; but I used the formula, used it daily, 20mg a day. And I noticed on day two and day three, I got a little sweaty. Sleeping was a little challenging, but I only say a little. I was able to do Christmas and Christmas Eve with family. It wasn't convenient, but I wasn't laid up in bed like I thought I'd be.

I did jump from 10mg, so I guess it's not that high of a jump, but to me that was increasingly scary. I tried two years ago to jump from just 5mg to 0 with nothing in support of, and I made it three days, and quit, and got right back on. I think this stuff is amazing. I'd recommend it to anybody. 

I'm now sitting here. This is two weeks out, so I'm pretty much doing better. I'm still taking it for the pause. I don't have any acute symptoms anymore. They really only lasted four days tops, five days at the most, and they were gone. But I take it, you know, 6 to 10 grams a day just to help keep the anxiety at bay until my brain can figure out how to work again.

Also emphasize lots of exercise, push yourself to move around. That helps during the withdrawal, during tapering, and pause too. So stick with Richie. It's a good product.

- Paul
“It is a great supplement to take if you need help with heroin or opiate addictions.“ 
Hello. My name is Ryan and I would like to tell you about my experience with taking your formula. 

Probably last year, I was doing 12 points at a time, about three or four times a day. Then I met Richie and I got a two-week supply of your formula. And over those two weeks taking 10g a day, about two in the morning, three in the afternoon, and sometimes another three at night, for two weeks I got down to doing about .3 to .4 three times a day, which to me is a very big improvement.

Then the second time I tried the formula, I was doing about .8 three to four times a day. And after taking it for about three weeks, I got all the way down to doing a point or less three times a day, in which I never actually got off of it with your formula. However, I used it to get me to the point where I felt comfortable actually being able to step off of heroin.

And I think the formula was a great thing that I took. It really did improve my weeks I was taking it, especially it really helped my back pain and my nausea, the stress over not doing it and kind of the whole mental thing it didn't help me too much with. But my stomach cramps and body aches, and especially my sleepiness was cured by the formula when I was taking it for those weeks.

I highly recommend this formula to anyone else. It is a great supplement to take if you need help with heroin or opiate addictions.

- Ryan
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